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March 17 2021 Member Meeting 1:30pm

Diary of a Mad Genealogist: Let’s Explore Life as Plain and Simple

The Pennsylvania Dutch
Presented by Kim Carlson
Presentation Abstract:
To define Pennsylvania Deutsch is to first consider, what is it? Language, culture, customs, religion, geography or all of the above. What makes those recognized past and present as Pennsylvania Dutch? Basically, they are set apart by the beliefs and origins of those who immigrated and the push factors that made them leave Europe. Over time, some groups have evolved, others have not.
This presentation will address basic wh questions that define who they are- such as:
  • How did the Pennsylvania Dutch get named?
  • What is Pennsylvania Dutch?
  • Who speaks/spoke Pennsylvania Dutch?
  • Where did the Pennsylvania Dutch live in Europe?
  • When did they come to America?
  • Why did they come to America?
  • Where did they settle in America?
  • How did they live?
  • How have they continued today?
Presenter: Kim Carlson has had numerous conversations with her parents and grandparents, documenting memories. Her maternal grandparents’ families lived in central Pennsylvania and used to speak Pennsylvania Dutch when they didn’t want their children to know what they were talking about. German was the language of newspapers, church services, funerals. Kim remembers her grandmother speaking “Dutch”  at home. And although German in any form sounds obscene when Kim attempts it, her mother and her daughter have a nightly ritual saying goodnight in Pennsylvania Dutch.
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