2017 Volunteer Lunch Group Photo
Volunteer Recognition Luncheon April 19, 2017

Patricia A Owen Award for outstanding leadership
Presented by Pat Winters, Vice President
to Julia McIntyre, Past President 
Julia McIntyre Awarded for outstanding leadership

Upcoming Events
SWFLGG Annual Lunch Meeting at German Restaurant
Nat. Genealogicial Society Family History Conference
Raleigh, N.C.
05/17/2017 - 1:30 pm
Member Meeting
Mid County Library Room C

Tips & Tricks
Search the Message Boards for others looking for the same person(s) you're researching. You go to the Board to search but you can ask to be notified of new entries.
[Internet Research]
Be sure to make a list of all living relatives when you start your genealogy research. Interview every one of them. Be prepared with a list of questions. Use a tape recorder for the answers or take very good notes. Respect the person's privacy.
[Interviewing Family & Friends]
Meaningful genealogy requires thought. Develop a plan, "Why am I doing genealogy?" Set goals of what you plan to accomplish in a reasonable time frame, i.e., go back 4 generations, go back to the immigrant ancestor, do only my father's male line, etc.
[Basic Genealogy]