Charlotte County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Charlotte County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Assisting and educating our members and community in their quest
for genealogical and historical information

A Welcome Message from the President

To our Community of Friends of Genealogy and History:     

This year, 2023, marks the 47th year of CCGSI. This is the official website of the Charlotte County Genealogical Society, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation serving Southwest Florida. The website is your gateway to a treasure trove of resources. Our purpose is to promote an understanding of resources and community awareness to reach the end result of discovery, development and sharing of family histories.

We offer programs and classes at the Punta Gorda Charlotte Library at 401 Shreve Street in Punta Gorda. 

Can’t get to a library? CCGSI offers workshops, weekly classes, monthly programs and a monthly newsletter. Most events take place in person and online using Zoom, for those who cannot attend or are not local. Details can be found on our website under Classes and Events. Check us out on Facebook at

Monthly meetings are offered on the third Wednesday of every month except July and August. Gathering together affords us all the opportunity to share, discuss, ask questions. Members receive the monthly newsletter, the Geneagram, with tips, resource, articles, events and member information.

We invite you to join our Society or attend a meeting as a guest. This website includes a link to make it easy to join.

Wishing you the best of success,

Dottie Baugh, President

Click here to view the IRS Letter of Determination confirming 501(c)(3) status on the Charlotte County Genealogical Society. 


Operating Year: January - December 2024

Officers 2024
President: Dottie Baugh
Vice President: Nancy L. Zazza
Secretary: Delane Thompson
Treasurer: Maureen Ashton-Schwartz
Past President: Philip J Fisher
Committees 2024
Membership: Eleanor Langlois
Public Relations: Vacant
Web Liaison: Ken G Eitenmiller, Jr.
German SIG Chair: Dottie Baugh
Editor: Julia McIntyre
Education: Julia McIntyre
Education: Dottie Baugh
Director at Large: Kathy Y Bruyere
Director at Large: Jean Ray
Library Chair: Vacant
Library Volunteers
Library Chair: Maureen Ashton-Schwartz
Volunteer: James H Keil
Volunteer: Pat A Winters
Volunteer: Julia McIntyre
Volunteer: Dottie Baugh
Anniversary Planning 2026
Chair: Merri A Leber-Perrone
Planner: Vacant
Planner: Vacant
Planner: Vacant
Audit Committee 2023 Fiscal Ye
Auditor: Julia McIntyre
Auditor: Delane Thompson
Auditor: Nancy L. Zazza
Election Committee 2023
Election Chair: Nancy L. Zazza
Election Committee: Merri A Leber-Perrone
Election Committee: Maureen Ashton-Schwartz

Purpose and Objectives

 The purpose of our Society is to create, preserve, and maintain a viable organization in the Charlotte County area through which the membership:

  • provides, promotes, and advances genealogical research, education, and data recording;
  • offers assistance, advice, and counsel to individuals seeking to research their family histories;
  • fosters an environment of support, cooperation, and fellowship for persons involved in such endeavors; and
  • acquires, collects, and provides genealogical and historical information to libraries and archives.