Charlotte County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Charlotte County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Assisting and educating our members and community in their quest
for genealogical and historical information

Contacting CCGSI

Mailing Address
Charlotte County Genealogical Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 494707
Port Charlotte, FL 33949
General Inquiry:
Officers 2023
President: Dottie Baugh
Vice President: Mrs. Nancy L. Zazza
Secretary: Delane Thompson
Treasurer: Pat A Winters
Past President: Philip J Fisher
Committees 2023
Education: Julia McIntyre
Education: Dottie Baugh
Genealogist: Eleanor Langlois
Membership: Eleanor Langlois
Public Relations: Judy A Malbuisson
Ways and Means: Vacant
Web Liaison: Wilson Yerk
Editor: Julia McIntyre
Library Chair: Maureen Ashton-Schwartz
German SIG Chair: Dottie Baugh
Library Assistant Chair: Dottie Baugh
Library Volunteers
Library Chair: Maureen Ashton-Schwartz
Volunteer: Carol A. Cox
Volunteer: Pat A Winters
Volunteer: Julia McIntyre
Volunteer: Dottie Baugh
Audit Committee 2023
Auditor: Sandy E Robinson
Auditor: Virginia Wahl
Auditor: Judy Kirkpatrick Kersch
Treasurer to be Audited: Pat A Winters
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